Some excerpts!

August 09, 2012

Here are some excerpts of impressions from my journal (mostly about things you’ve already read about here)

“There’s Jorge–My friend from St. Francis Coll, who sat next to me at the assembly and loved looking at the pics as I them them on my camera. He’s very talented: he played recorder, offered a greeting/welcome to us, and he played drums for another act.”

“The generosity: these people live hospitality, abundance, welcoming.  The light in eyes–and yet also, in some, the deadness was visible–as we walked through the barrios.”

“The nursery: the founder, Sonia, and how she shared with me about her two sons–one in Miami and the other, newly divorced and living at home again with her and her husband.  He’s in his late 30s and asks her every night, ‘what’s for dinner?'”

“The way in which the police officers journeyed with us throughout the day–flanking us–one ahead, one behind, with guns and beat sticks.  The prevalence of armed police and military all over.  National Police, black uniforms, City Police, yellow uniforms and our companions.”

“Entering into the corrugated aluminum homes–the claustrophobia I felt, of so many in such a small space, and the lack of light–the lack of circulation of air–the staleness and deadness of the air.”


I’ll post another entry later today about our visit to the cemetery/dump.

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