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First time here?

Hi. Welcome. I’m Monica.

I teach about the power of stories, help people figure out what stories they’re telling, and whether or not they want to keep writing those stories.

I play with ingredients, both in a metaphorical sense and in a concrete way.

And I work with shining folks who are curious about listening and stories and magic.

I use a cauldron of stones as my toolkit, pulling from the trainings, the life experience, and the teachers I’ve had along the way.

Any halfway decent adventure story involves a map to tell the hero, the journeyer, where the path is and sometimes where she’s going.

Constellations used to function as maps and they tell stories too.

I love all navigation tools, ancient and modern: sextants, compasses, astrolabes, apps… I wouldn’t get anywhere without their aid. (I still hold up my fingers to check right and left!)

Here are a couple of stars to guide you through my site.

smallsparkleIf you only read three of my posts, read these:

smallsparkleMany cultures have a variation of the Stone Soup legend. There are versions with a wise traveler passing through, a soldier(s) after wartime, and even one with 3 Chinese monks.  The essence of the story does not change though, no matter who passes through:  when people share what they have with the larger community, the end result is greater than the individual gifts that have been brought.

The stone soup story: a metaphor for basically everything in my life. Community. The gifts of the community. And in a micro version, our own lives are a stone soup. What stones are you putting into your pot?

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