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Who am I?

I’m a writer, a storyteller, a listmaker, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I’m an artist, a joy-seeker, a divine-lover, a healer. I’ve come here by twist and turn, but always guided, never alone—even when I thought I was solo. I’m passionately curious about the role stories play in our lives. And the power of listening. Real listening, where the listener and the speaker feel seen and heard and met. I believe we need more time outside, more time learning from Mama Nature, who isn’t always super nurturing—I’ve found she’s actually quite ferocious sometimes. Thresholds, edges, the in-betweens beckon and fascinate me: the spaces where Mama Nature is still wild and unruly and those places in our lives that are also that way. Are you interested in any of these? You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Or you can contact me here;  I’d love to hear from you.

If you really knew me, you’d know that…

  • … I had an aversion to creamy things for almost 30 years; they’d cause a gag reflex, sometimes a panic attack. Now, some of my favorite foods include avocados, Greek yogurt, and Brie cheese.
  • … my master’s thesis was about how to make the divine present in the world, and how our world is under constant renewal, a renewal that we’re called to participate in. I love dreaming about how to engage in this transformation.
  • … I hadn’t had a cup of coffee until I was 20 and visiting family in Italy, where I quickly learned to savor, crave, desire a cup of espresso. Now, I begin my mornings with espresso. It must be drunk still hot, right from the pot, and it’s best to only drink the espresso, not read or eat or play with kittens. Savor the nectar.
  • … I hate the word ‘single‘. My life oozes community and connection. My friends, my family—they make up my web and without them, I’d be adrift. I’m on a mission to end the use of the word “single” as a status and descriptor.
  • … my music tastes run the gamut, from The Andrews Sisters to The Shirelles, from Deb Talan to Guns & Roses. From musicals to rap and country to indie. Music brings me to life. Singing it, playing it, listening to it. Especially if it has rich, ripe harmonies. I’ve performed a few times and even led a band of teens for a while.
  • … I think all ages of kids are fascinating. I especially love pre-teens. They still have that bluntness and the willingness to go all out.
  • … I’ve served the Queen of England at a fancy schmancy meal, but that wasn’t the best thing I did while I studied at Oxford. The best thing I did was race crew, which basically meant that I played bumper cars in boats on the Thames River. Really, bumper cars. Not the sort of crew you normally picture. The second best thing I did was work at an English pub with a crew of folks from all over the world. They were my family while I lived overseas.
  • … storytelling is in my bones. My grandfather was Irish and my mom raised us by making up stories while we drove cross-country to see my aunt and cousins. With five children under the age of 11, you can imagine how good her stories had to be to keep us entertained for many many hours.
  • … I love canning, cooking, farming. All things I’ve taken up over the past few years. All things that keep me sane. The repetitive motions ground me in my body and get me outta my head.
  • … I have my Master’s in Theology, apprenticed with a Shaman, and grew up in a cult. I’ve seen the Pope speak, listened to the Dalai Lama give a talk, and heard Elie Wiesel give a presentation. Quite ecletic, right? Oh. And I was in a clown troupe. Yes, a clown troupe. Through it all, I’ve stayed curious about how the divine shows up in the world and in our lives.
  • … my first job was cleaning houses when I was 10. The woman whose house I cleaned would write what needed to be done in each room. That’s how I learned to dust baseboards and always make sure to scrub down the tubs. I don’t do those things in my house nearly as frequently as an adult.
  • … for years my favorite book was Jane Eyre or The Velveteen Rabbit. Recently, I’ve become less attached to Jane Eyre and more attached to The Velveteen Rabbit. Children’s books hold the great truths, especially when well-written.
  • … I’m particularly fond of the long dash (—). It’s one of my most versatile tools. Both in life and in writing.
feet in water

…I love standing at the ocean’s edge

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