One on One

At some point in my childhood, I wanted to be a priest. I wanted to be a minister, an intermediary, who really, taught people how to not need an intermediary. I wanted to walk with people: to accompany them as they walked through life’s mysteries and celebrations. The day to day, the graduations, the deaths, the births, the weddings. To do that and create community, to cultivate a space where community mattered. Where we could support each other and call each other on our shit.

I don’t want to be a priest anymore. But the desire to walk with people, to accompany them, to cultivate community, and to teach about things that mattered… That never went away.

And I still see everything as sacred. Including you.

I don’t have a name for what I do. There’s no snazzy marketing title.

But, I can tell you, that in a Stone Soup Session, we’ll sit down with your story and put the stone of that story into your soup pot of life. We’ll look at what other stones you want to put into your cauldron.

How will we do this?


You’ll bring your stone. Whatever the thing is that you’re carrying right now and would like to turn into something nourishing. It might be physical pain. It might be a relationship with someone. It might be a recent experience. Or, you might want to figure out some ways to ground and protect yourself. Or something else entirely.

I’ll bring my tools—tools that I’ve honed over two decades—question-asking, shamanic training, reiki training, retreat leading, listening—real listening. And I’ll add whatever tools are needed to the soup.


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