Cozy into your favorite blanket and grab a drink. My current favorite is a soft purple blanket that’s lined with fake lamb’s wool on the inside. Seriously, softest.thing.ever. Plus, my kitten loves it. Get comfy. And enjoy.

I love giving stuff away. So here are a few sparklers. Pick one or pick both. And feel free to share. From time to time, I’ll change up what’s here. Come back and see if there’s something new!



For years I wasn’t in my body. And, as my astrologist (and teacher) put it, I was a bit “permeable.” So everything came in. And all of me went out.

I’ve spent years practicing being a bit less permeable and a bit more present in my skin: it’s changed my life. Seriously, it’s foundational.

Today, I want you to feel rooted and present in your comings and goings. So I created a little pdf with a few of the stones I use to ground and a few that I don’t use anymore, but were instrumental for me before. I’m so excited to share this gift with you. I hope you’ll use it. They’re very simple things. But incredibly important.

Grab it here! And the bonus that goes with it. Happy Grounding!


Listening (coming soon)

I want to live in a world where people feel seen when they talk and where people listen as much as they speak.

My whole life, I’ve watched people’s relationships, jobs, marriages, fall apart because they didn’t feel seen or heard. And I’m so tired of it.

I want you to have the opportunity to be both witness and witnessed, to experience the power of being in a safe space where you can speak your truth, and to live the power of holding that space for others.

And so, I’ve created a short booklet with some pointers about how to listen, how to ask juicy questions, and how to help the people you love and care about feel seen and safe.