renee“I adore working with Monica. She is wicked smart, madly intuitive and hilariously funny. Her thought process is so creative and the way she turns a phrase and writes your story always leaves me wanting more. I leave each session wildly enchanted and with great anticipation for our next meeting. Monica has a luminous soul that brings joy to every thing she does. She lights me up with delight every time.” Renee Magnusson

marie“I feel so comfortable with you, Monica. I can say things with you that I can’t say with anyone else.” – Marie Willett

debbie“When my fibromyalgia flares up, it can be more than aggravating, to say the least. Recently, I’ve been dealing with terribly sharp nerve pain in my knees. Monica is the first Reiki Master I’ve ever worked with; I’ve known Monica most of my life – but personally, not professionally.

I live hours away from her, so mostly, we’ve done distance-healing Reiki on me (which we do at a designated time). It feels like waves of warmth, peace, and safety, that literally dissipates the pain; and that relief doesn’t just last hours, the pain relief lasts for days.” – Debbie McFeinics

“So, I’m a nerd, geek, scientist. While not totally opposed to “complementary medicine” (when there’s evidence-based science to back it up, e.g., yoga for stress reduction), lower back/disk/nerve pain is different – if you’ve ever had it, you’d understand. It’s not a time I’d choose any form of experimentation. Monica said to me, “Wendy, I can come over. I can do stuff to help.” As graciously as I could muster, I declined. (Really…like that reiki/shaman/voodoo could help – even make a dent – in something so “non-spiritual”). She offered again. Crap, my osteopath was out of town; I certainly couldn’t drive anywhere…and frankly, I was desperate: I said, yes.

“The result? I’m actually writing a testimonial. Monica has a GIFT. My pain level went from excruciating, to tolerable, to practically gone. She has now achieved this result with me on three occasions – all times of desperation (when “medical” intervention was not an option.) I’m now going to call her…first. Yup. I said it.” – Dr. Wendy Leonard

elise“Monica is there as a strong and knowledgeable guide. We joined forces and worked on me, with our energy working together. I moved quickly past confusion and into a state of balance and action. There was this measurable shift, where I felt relaxed, aware and supported…Then, the words that flowed out of me, in being repeated by Monica, grew exponentially in power. I am grateful for having met her. I now feel clear and excited. I would recommend Monica to anyone who is in duress, or stuck.” – Elise Stigliano, GoGardeners Garden Coaching

“A moment with Monica is a breath of fresh air. A look into the honesty of the soul. A time to laugh, discover, reflect, re-direct. A moment in time that is shared … and seems to authenticate the soul.” – Terri M.

“Thanks for teaching me how to listen, to myself and to others.” – Kate H.