Grace & Gratitude

~ Transforming Lives, One Letter at a Time.

singing bowl

The year I turned 30 I started Grace & Gratitude. I wanted to acknowledge the shoulders I stand on, all those who came before me. The people who’ve walked with me for moments, breaths, or years. Our encounters, regardless of length, have changed me.

So much of my life is different from how it could’ve been, and that’s because of all these people. I wanted to track, in a public way, the thanks. Kinda like PostSecret, but in a way that gave back to my community, to the many.

I love real mail, and decided that would be my secret love bomb. Like a truth bomb, but spreading love and joy and gratitude. One that let people know of their influence, of the ripples their actions had started. I wrote people letters, thanking them for a specific way that they’d affected my life. The intent was to send a letter to someone every day. Life happened and the project was sidetracked. Now, two years later, I’m picking it back up.

When I began Grace & Gratitude, a number of the folks on my list had already died, but I wanted to write them anyways. Two years later, many more have died. Who are the people in your life who’ve changed you? Go, thank someone, today! And, if you’d like, drop me a line and let me know how it went. I’d love to hear.

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