Work with me

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Welcome! The Universe needs your Magic. Yup, YOUR magic…

That thing that only you do, not your neighbors, your friends, or your family.

Each of us brings a special sparkle to our planet and those sparks make the world go around. They also brighten the world and add joy to life.

Maybe you think you’re sparkle-free… but you’re not!

How do I know? Because I’ve been in that hole (and found my way out). You can too.

Maybe you’ve forgotten who you — in your deepest self — are. Maybe you’re sick and tired of people telling you (or that little voice inside) that you’re broken, that there’s more to fix, that there are more ways to grow and stretch. Maybe a loved one repeatedly points out ways that you *should* grow. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s simply that time.

When we’re stuck…getting unstuck is key. But, who wants to focus on being stuck or getting unstuck. Fuck that. This isn’t a journey where I fix you. And it’s not a journey where you suddenly know what to do…because I asked you, “how do you feel about that?” Nope. It’s a journey together. A journey about cutting out static noise so that you can listen to the noise that matters– your voice — and follow that. A journey where you can decide what ingredients go into your soup, not just take everything in helter skelter.

There are a few ways to journey together.