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August 15, 2012

I have to take a moment to honor Ed Shirley, a friend who died suddenly today.


Ed’s important to this blog because his story rubbed up against mine.  We were cohorts at the Franciscan Federation Annual Conference several years ago; he and I had spoken on the phone several times prior to that.  I asked/invited him to work with our Action Commissioners, as a member of an Action Circle in Austin, Texas.  We hadn’t been able to meet in person before, as I was based in D.C.  Ed was unabashedly himself, no apologies: loud, wonderful.


A beautiful example is this facebook message that Ed sent me a few months ago:


I’m still here!

By the way, I HAVE noticed in your pictures that you have lost weight. I’m trying to say you look great, without implying that you didn’t before (which you looked fine, but I am also not trying to say “You’ve always been hot,” either).

Darned political correctness/fear of offending. Seriously, looking good. I remember you saying you had changed brands of coffee, and that helped. Unfortunately, I don’t drink coffee, so I’m just stuck trying to cut down on ice cream (now, if they came up with a weight loss ice cream, I could get to my high school weight in no time!)”


I snorted at the rock climbing gym when I read his message.


Thank you, dear friend, for allowing me to listen and for sharing your story and making it a piece of mine.  You will be missed.  Your constant authenticity will help me re-member my own.


*your regular programming (concrete pt 2) will return tomorrow

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