An Apology

August 22, 2012

… My last few days I’ve been living some of what I learned in Guatemala.

I don’t always listen to what my body tells me, and often, I schedule and overschedule myself.

Last week, I got a head cold that quickly morphed into me losing my voice.  My 9 am to 2 am day (most likely) triggered this.  What an incredibly funny species we are that we forget our lessons so quickly.  I had eased in to my schedule after Guatemala, and then, I planned that day.

It was a day filled with much good: several business meetings, a new client, a visit from an organizer which really helped my paper situation, a trip to a seamstress for a friend’s wedding, and lastly, some live music at a pub.

These things are all life-giving, fantastic, and enriching.  However, they are not this when you combine them all into one day.

The rest of the week has been spent easing back into life.  Lots of rest, lots of tea.  Some time sitting in my chair on my balcony, and many hours of sleep in my bed.  I haven’t written, I haven’t read. I’ve just rested and recharged, slowly.

Tomorrow, I promise, a Guatemala story, again. Or two or three to make up for the lack.

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