30 days of 30. Day 1.

June 02, 2013


At the end of this month, I’ll turn 30; for months I thought of ways I could celebrate: I could try to raise some increment of 30 for 3 different charities ($1000 to each= $3000), I could try 30 new things… The list went on and on until the moment that I realized there were 30 days in June: I would be 30 and there were 30 days. It couldn’t be coincidence!
Each day, throughout the month of June, I’ll do something—at least one thing—to celebrate my birthday. I’ll have 30 days of 30! After the month finishes, I have a sweet project I’m launching July 1st , which I’ll tell you more about as the month goes on.

Every morning, I’ll post about what my celebration of the day before: the people I encountered, the stories I heard, the stories I helped create.

Yesterday was June 1st and it began with an awesome birthmonth email from a friend.  She was the first person to wish me a Happy 30 days of 30.

Next, I worked with an old client: this girl and I had worked together when she was in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade. Now, she is finishing up her freshman year. We made a plan for her final exams, but what was most awesome about working with her to celebrate my 30 days of 30 was that she had worked really diligently to bring her grades up and turn in missing assignments. This week, her grades had shifted from a bunch of Ds, Cs, and an E (with one A), to a smattering of Cs, Bs, an A, and several borderline grades that could bump up to the next level. The grades weren’t what mattered—rather, it was that she had followed through with her teachers and with her missing assignments. I acknowledged her for her hard work the past few weeks, and she maintained eye contact the entire time (something she doesn’t often do). It was joyful for me, and a celebration of being 30, precisely because it’s a great example of what I love to do most: empower people with the skill sets they need so that they use their gifts.

Third celebration of Day 1 of 30 Days of 30:

Opening THIS:

 Birthday Gift

Whatever could be inside this gift?

Present & Card

One of the things I’d asked for! I can use the lamp both with my clients and for myself.

Turned on

Thanks so much, Aileen, for a beautiful gift. And, for your permission to open it to launch my 30 days of 30

Final celebration of Day 1?

Playing Boggle with some old and new friends. It rocked. Hard. I won, which I hadn’t expected.

What will Day 2 bring? Come back tomorrow to find out! Also, what’s been your best, outside of the box birthday celebration?

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