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3 ways to kick Fear to the curb

December 03, 2013

Yesterday, I conquered fear. Given a moment of confrontation, I didn’t allow the story inside my head to take over my day (it was only 7:30 am– it would’ve been a really looonnggg day if I obsessed over the single text message that overwhelmed me with fear). Saturday, I lost out to fear. Instead of dancing with a woman whom I love, I worried about how I’d look. I LOVE to dance; if you ever pass me on the highway, …

Why I collect stories

October 12, 2013

Listen. Do you hear my voice? It is in my eyes, for I do not yet speak. Call. Do you know my name? It is written in the depth of my being. Invite. Are you willing to hold space for me? If you do, I have treasures to share. Thank you. I have spoken. I am seen. Now I remember.

30 days of 30, Days 10-30, finally.

June 30, 2013

Here’s the list of what my activities included for the rest of my 30 days of 30. I decided that instead of stories, I’d just share some pictures. Day 10: Beach with Marie Day 11: Indian with Joann Day 12: AA graduation + party Day 13: BWI pick up and Treehouse

30 Days of 30. Day 8: In which I practice flexibility

June 09, 2013

I’m hyper-flexible. When I told one of my clients this, she responded, “Of course you are, Monica. You’re always willing to go with last-minute changes and work around stuff that comes up for me. Mommy, isn’t Monica hyper-flexible?” This cracked me up because what I actually meant was that my joints are hyper-mobile and so I can bend and stretch in ways most people can’t. However in life, when it comes to plans where I may be looking forward to …

30 Days of 30. Day 7: Celebration, Smorgasboard-style.

June 08, 2013

Yesterday I did four things to celebrate my 30 Days of 30. I made sure to get lots of pictures, so I’ll let that be the focus. Writing: Every morning (mostly) I drink coffee and I sit for a while with what I’m going to post that day. Commitment to the 30 days of 30 posting provides me with a structure to write something additional to the varied writing I do throughout the day. As a writer, the discipline of …